OK, now don't anyone go ballistic with this question, please. This whole subject caused me to check a page I hadn't updated lately. On it I list a few HTML editors. The whole Tools and Tips section of my personal site is geared toward newbie hobbyists, not web developers. I wouldn't presume to make suggestions to experienced people. This is more like a place to send people that ask me question about setting up a site..simple suggestions, with links to helpful sites and as often as possible, free or cheap software. So, anyway, I noticed that on this page, I was recommending a couple of packages that are either not supported any longer or not available at all. Obviously I need to update. Does anyone recommend..for newbies and people who just want to do a personal site, any free WYSIWYG editor other than Netscape Composer or Front Page Express? Does anyone know if there are any current free ones that also allow you to access the HTML easily and without complications?