I've got myself all confused with transferring over my partners site to a different host! Ill try to explain the best I can.

We had our hosting account and domain through Justhost (bluebelle-beauty.com)

We stopped the hosting with JustHost and moved to 1and1 - (not the best choice ever!!!)

Account is created at 1and1 (beautyatbluebelle.co.uk) and website is moved over.

Here is the problem......

The bluebelle-beauty (justhost) is redirecting to beautyatbluebelle (1and1), is this best practise? I dont even want the beautyatbluebelle domain it just came with the package - all our clients are aware of the old website address and all our marketing is based around this one. This is also top in google searches.

How am I best to sort this out?