I'd like to add a search function for my website, and since I run a (Majordomo based) mailing list which the site is associated with I want it to search through both the website and mail archive contents.
Unfortunately I'm no programmer (my friend who runs the web server knows about configuration, scripts and so on, but I don't want to take his time unnecessarily, which is why I'm trying to research all this first), so I'm hoping for an easy to install solution which I can do myself (I have FTP and Telnet access to the server, though just to my own user-area which I doubt will be of much use anyway and still remember common UNIX commands for moving around, doing file operations etc.), or get enough information about this beforehand (hence asking here) so he can quickly and easily install what's needed.

I've heard about Google and others providing free online site-search solutions, but I assume this also means accepting advertising, tracking and other nasties.... I'd rather not.
Also I don't understand how those search engines from the outside will be able to access the mailing list archive. The Majordomo mailing list system runs on the same server and all messages are archived there as well. I believe it's in the MBOX format. Several years ago I got the server owner to create a search function on the website for the mailing list archive. It's not very fast, the results are presented in a not very attractive manner, but it works. I also got him to create a filter which replaces email addresses with "XXXXX" characters etc. in order to protect my subscribers' addresses (the whole header of each message is still shown though which means scrolling down for each message). I'd like to have that filter refined as well, probably removing the email headers except for the date, subject and sender name (possibly anonymizing that as well somehow).

So, having said all of that -what options do I have and how do I implement them?