Hey guys,

Our web design and development company is growing, and we're in need of some larger clients and larger businesses to support us. One idea we had was to get on as many RFP and RFQ lists as possible. I was wondering where you guys find RFP's and RFQ's to sign up for? I've found a few small government sites that have a place to sign up for email notifications when new RFP's come on board, but these are few and far between. Are there any places where I could sign up to receive corporate level RFP's?

I'm also curious if anyone out there has any ideas for taking our business "to the next level". Okay so that's super cliche, but our mom and pop design clients can't support us anymore. We need to go after corporate level clients. Maybe not Fortune 500 companies yet, but companies that at least don't give us the deer in the headlights look when we ask for a budget. We've got roughly 36 original websites and close to 90 clients (we also do graphic design and hosting), have never been fired and I would put our portfolio up against the best in our region. Without dumping thousands of dollars into advertising, we're trying to find a way to attract higher level businesses. Anyone have any ideas?