A wise man once told me, "People won't pay for your services unless they know you exist".

This is my approach...
  1. I walk to business and give them a presentational pack letting them know I am a web designer in their local area.
  2. I try to meet the decision makers of the business, if the decision maker is occupied I leave a presentation pack there.
  3. I do not include any pricing information as I believe this deviates a little. Once people have the price they would simply check prices elsewhere and begin to compete on price, which is not the goal. There is a clear difference between value of money, and cheap prices for the cheapest possible denominator.

The goal is to make the most effective active advertising campaign.
I would really be interested to know if this approach could be corrected, or if I could add or remove any steps. I would be interested it know if anybody has any exprience in this getting the word out.