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    Where did I went wrong in this script

    I don't want the images to load until the link is hovered, so for that here is the script but it's not working, can someone help me in correcting it?
    I added an event listener to each link, and on mouseover called a function that sets the image. To make things more interesting, we can copy lazyload a bit here and also use the data-original property

    For example: this is the HTML

           <a href="#" class="tip_trigger">
              <img class="tip" alt="300 Grams"
                      src='empty.gif' width="90" height="90"/>
    Then, add an event listener:


    // call for each element with the class 'tip' that's being hovered upon
           // retrieve the image inside this element
           var elem = $(this).find('img');
           // set the 'src' to the 'data-original' value
           elem.attr('src', elem.attr('data-original'));
    for a live demo, you can see this page
    the above part of script is only added to the first letter ALEX in 'A' Category.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cryoffalcon View Post
    I don't want the images to load until the link is hovered, so for that here is the script but it's not working
    This is what the .find() method says about what it does:
    "Get the descendants of each element in the current set of matched elements, filtered by a selector, jQuery object, or element."

    Do you see the problem between that description and how you are using the it?
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