I have a Q&A Form where Users can share there thoughts on small-business.

The Form consists of 10 (optional) Questions.

Here is a sample...
Attachment 59645

The only data validation I really do is making sure the Answer < 1024 characters. And if there is a problem, then I re-load the Form with the suspect Answers, and display a message like "Answer cannot exceed 1,204 characters. Current is 1,500 characters."


1.) What kinds of Messages should I be displaying?

One person suggested I place a message next to each field regardless of the outcome, e.g.

- No changes were made
- Answer updated!
- Answer added!
- Answer cannot exceed 1,024 characters

Is that too much?

2.) Where should I display the messages?

I like the idea that they are immediately below the text Box so they don't mess up the spacing between the Label and Input.

3.) What kind of "workflow" should I have?

In the past, when an action was completed successfully (e.g. Form Updated, Password Re-set, etc), I would re-direct to a new page and display a message like...

"Thank you for your submission!
You Profile Answers have been updated."

Do I even need to show people when everything went as planned?

Is it better to display a new "Success Page" or take them back to the Form?

Any other thoughts or ways to improve things would be helpful.