Hi guys,

I had a client recently who wished me to create a HTML email template which was no problem as I didn't struggle with coding it, just used tables, inline styles etc etc
I have programmed them before but I usually automate the whole process using php, including the attachment of images etc.
I have 2 questions:

This email is a one off that my client wished to send manually, I notice that Gmail and Hotmail and others allow you to read HTML emails but not to compose them so what is the best way for my client to use his pretty new template.

Secondly I have used full urls to his website logo images as presumably the recipient will be online when he/she reads the email which should load those images fine. What is the alternative in case they are offline, if my client is sending the email manually, shall I just instruct him to attach the images and if he does that how do I provide a substitute url in the HTML to deal with those relative image paths?