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For example, let say I have wizard based forms. If it's desktop UI then I may display about 20 input fields per page and display the error on the of the form. On mobile, I will limit the fields to be 5 per page to reduce scrolling. So how's media queries going to help in this case?

You CSS build 4 tabs/pages in a media query targeted at certain device parameters where 20 input fields are too much.


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[...] this reminds me of false impression of i18n. For example, in united states the name order is

first_name middle_name last_name

in other countries it's

last_name first_name middle_name

another is that zip code is typically the first field of address instead of street address like u.s. Imagine if they put i18n on a Japanese book that reads right to left... Yeah it's translated to English but reading from right to left will annoy the heck out of you and probably burn the book eventually.

Trust me.. i18n solution does squat to address this problem.
There's an answer for that: L12y.

But both are just concepts. It's a developer' job to make it happen. There's no magic recipe.