Hi all,
I'm learning HTML5 so I can take advantage of the semantic elements such as <header>, <nav>, <article>, etc, in my own projects. But, I have a question on how to correctly use the <section> and <article> elements in my documents.

Is there a set standard on how to lay out the page with <section> and <article> elements? To me, it makes sense to wrap your SECTIONS of content with the <section> element like so:

   <header><h2>This is an article title</h2></header>
   <p>This is the main body text of the article blah blah blah</p>
   <aside> A sidebar here</aside>
I prefer placing the <section> elements as a "wrapper" outside the various sections of the page because semantically it becomes like a newspaper: You go to the SPORTS SECTION and then you read the various ARTICLES within that section. You don't go to the SPORTS ARTICLES to read the various SECTIONS.

Am I right in my thinking? THanks!