Hi All,

I'm building a form select box that's related to a prior select box. When a user selects, a brand from a drop down select box, the second drop down select box then populates with related data.

The json data is returned from a database query and looks like this:
{"COLUMNS":["MODEL"],"DATA":[["1000 S, SF, ST"],["1000 S, SF, ST"],["1000 S, SF, ST"],["1000 S, SF, ST"],["1000 S, SF, ST"]]}

Here's where I am. When you choose an option in the first drop down, the second drop down clears and the correct data is retrieved. I just can't get the data to populate the second drop down with the data.


$(document).ready(function() {

//first, detect when initial DropDown changes
$("#make").change(function() {
//get what they selected
var selected = $("option:selected",this).val();

//no matter what, clear the other DD
$("#models").children().remove().end().append("<option value=\"\">Select a Stinkin Model</option>");

//now load in new options if I picked a make
if(selected == "") return;

$.getJSON("getfitmentdata09.cfc?method=getmotomodels&returnformat=json",{"make":selected}, function(res,code) {
var newoptions = "";
for(var i=0; i<res.length; i++) {
newoptions += "<option value=\"" + res[i].make + "\">" + res[i].make + "</option>";


<select name="make" id="make">
<option value="" selected>Please Select... </option>
<option value="APRILIA">APRILIA </option>
<option value="BENELLI">BENELLI </option>
<option value="BIMOTA">BIMOTA </option>

<label for="models">Models</label>
<select name="models" id="models">
<option value="">Select a Model</option>