I've wasted WAY too much time trying to figure this out on my own, so am appealing for help here. This is driving me crazy.

I am building a page I can use as a template and it needs two tables: one will hold 10 thumbnails which will populate an iframe with a large version of each pic. The other table is a pedigree. I know tables are supposedly passť and would gladly accept suggestions on some non-table way to build the thumbnail grid but the pedigree pretty much needs to stay as a table because it's ... well ... a data table.

My problem is that no matter what I try, neither table will centre within the parent div. I've even put each table in its own div and it appears to be centred in DW Design View but in Live View or in a browser the tables are flush left. I've even taken the standard margin: 0 auto; and changed it to margin: 0 50px; but nope - it's determined to stay flush left.

Could someone please be so kind as to look at the file(s) and tell me what I'm not seeing. The culprit file is at http://goto-hwl.com/Savladai/EMPTY-individual.php and the css file is at http://goto-hwl.com/Savladai/SavStyles.css. Thanks so much!!