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    Multi vendor marketplace with product builder


    I have a new project and right now I'm looking for the best solution to realize it.

    First of all I will tell you the project setup and idea that you can understand what I want to realize.

    I want to create a multi-vendor marketplace like etsy, fiverr ...
    But the seller can't sell what he want, he have to create his products over our product builder.
    When he has create a product he have to buy it one time to see if we had produce it like he want.
    If he is satisfied with his creation he can publish his creation in the store.
    Every time a customer buys his creation he will get a fixed amount of money.

    In short:
    We: produce, sell, deliver the product
    Seller: create the product with the product builder

    To give you guys a more visual understanding I have this example:
    Product Builder (it should be a step by step building):
    Store Front:

    The idea would be:
    Just imagin the "" page. Where you can buy your custom product or the creations from other customers. You are customer, creator and seller at the same time.

    What do you guys think? Which platform would be the best to realize this concept?

    I have researched for magento, cs cart, prestashop, opencart.

    The platform should be able to provide the following things, or should be able to handle this requirements after custom coding:

    1. A multi-vendor setup to realize this kind of store
    2. Restrict the seller as much that he just can create his products over a product builder and just manage (public, hide, delete) his creations.
    3. Able to create a product builder like ""
    4. Give the creator of the product a fix amount for every sell
    5. Customer is at the same time the seller (just one account) Example: ebay, fiverr

    Which platform would you go for if you want as less custom code and changes as possible.

    Many thanks
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