I'm converting my site to Wordpress, and the area giving me the most trouble is the portfolio section.


This is the non-wordpress version, where each project has a folder of its own containing an images folder and a php file for the title, client, and description. Using PHP, the portfolio page creates thumbnails for each one of these project folders. Click on a thumbnail, and it creates a page for the portfolio entry by displaying the information and the content of the images folder in a slideshow. It opens that page in a fancybox window.

I need to know the best way to achieve this exact effect in Wordpress, but with each one of these portfolio entries being a fully-functioning, searchable post.

If this isn't possible, I'll just continue with the PHP scripts I'm using right now. But that would be kind of counter-intuitive, since I'd have to do work outside of wordpress with directories and files just to update my portfolio.