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    Flickr feed/News Feed and SEO

    This is a SEO question more than a Wordpress question but it is a Wordpress site.

    I've added a random image gallery to a site just to add a bit of eye-candy but also because I think it might help a little bit with adding content and SEO. The problem is the possibility of the inappropriateness on the site. That's not a problem to me, I quite like it and the most obvious link is the local one. These are images from a Brighton flickr group and the site is Brighton Therapy Service. For me the relevance is that these photos are about the local area seem quite high quality; they look nice and there are often references to Brighton in their titles.

    So, will that make any difference at all for SEO purposes?

    If so, I have also come across what looks like a nice news feed from a local newspaper that I might be able to slot into the footer. Again, the link isn't so much to the content of the site (psychotherapy) but it just seems like a nice way to pull in a bit of content.

    Do you think I am missing the point?


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