Hi -

I was wondering if anyone here is familiar with Facebook business page setting up/ options?

Basically, I created a Facebook business page for my friend's company, uploaded some pics, got few friends to "like" it and etc., but then I realized that you can't do much with it. It doesn't show up in search results, you can't add/ invite people, "like" other pages and etc. Even if you get lot of people to "like" it, it still means nothing since you cant comment "like" other business pages or leave comments. Apparently the way to go about it so to turn one's personal Facebook profile into a Facebook business page. I never had Facebook profile and my friend who owns the company has one, but he uses his own username/ email and password to log on to it. Facebook business page that I created for him has different username/ password? There are also some rules imposed by Facebook about not operating private profile and business page at the same time, since they can then shut it down.

Can anyone share some insights on this, please? Thanks