I have some event listeners in my document ready function and I make some items dragable with jqeury and jquery ui. See below part of my code. Most is copied from example jquery ui.
$(function() {
	$("#ingeplandP li").draggable({
		cancel: "a.ui-icon", // clicking an icon won't initiate dragging
		revert: "invalid", // when not dropped, the item will revert back to its initial position
		helper: "clone",
		cursor: "move"
	$( "#ingeplandP li").click(function( event ) {
		var $item = $( this ),
			$target = $( event.target );

		if ( $target.is( "a.ui-icon-trash" ) ) {
			deleteImage( $item );
		} else if ( $target.is( "a.ui-icon-refresh" ) ) {
			recycleImage( $item );

		return false;
The testFunc is a simple function which executes a load

function testFunc()
	var start = $("#startProject");
	var end = $("#endProject");
	if(start.val() && end.val())
After the load has completed the inserted items have lost their listener and their dragability. I can make them dragable again and add the listeners manually, but that means I would have the first code parts two times. This is not good I guess. So I would like to know if somebody know off a way to initialise my code in my first code block again after the load has completed.

I have looked around, but can't seem to find what I look for. Maybe I use the wrong terms.