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You were making sense up until this. Worst explanation for anything I think I've ever heard. I mean no offense by that. It's just my opinion.
That's OK. It's good that we don't all think alike.

Your question has merits. Looking at the screen reader users, they could care less about style, shapes, images. They value good solid text info, content and direction.

It's healthy to question before you do. And it's also OK for the answer we get to be different. Our needs are so different it pays to respect each other opinions and learn from them. Evolution is in how we do things differently.


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The move from TV to HDTV was not as understable though. Do I really care if the definition is high enough to see somebody's pores while they announce the news? What was the motivation for wasting all that money on research and development?
It's a commercial application. It's not all that it is to it. Details and clarity in video imagery pays also well in medical science. It helps notice things unnoticed in the sky and helps astronomer better understand the universe.

Greater picture is what we're looking for. If this greater picture happens to be very detailed and very clear, I believe it makes it easier to understand.

And because we can. It's not all purpose, it's also challenge.