This is something I have truly been very curious about. Maybe it shows my age, my rigidity, or both, but I do not understand. It is not that I do not understand what it is for, or how to use it (though it is very cryptic). What I do not understand is the drive to turn what is first and foremost a text transfer mechanism, into something more. The same could be said for javascript and dhtml. Wouldn't it have been a much better idea to develop separate protocols and browsers for uni- and bi-directional transfer?

I understand that as more businesses wanted to use the web, the desire for online transactions came up. But instead of building something new, all these other things got piled on top of html, and everything turned into a big heaping mess. At least in my opinion. I'm still not convinced of the value of online business though. It's risky, prone to hacking, and more.

Personally, I never bought a pager when they came out. I never got a mobile phone when they came out. I never got a cellphone when they came out. I do not own an mp3 player, an ipod, or an iphone. I mention this merely as a basis to where I am coming from. If I miss a call, they'll either call back, or they won't. I'll either be there to answer it, or I won't. Either way, I go about my daily life without feeling tied to a stupid phone.

The more I type, the more it sounds like a rant, and it isn't meant to. I just want to put my questions into perspective.

So, can anybody explain to me what the big deal is for anything more than simple HTML?

Seriously, does anybody write desktop applications any more? These were my specialty and I feel like all this modern crap has taken away my ability to earn.