In a few weeks I'm about to be in charge of a collaborative web project. Since this is the first time I've been involved with something like this, I'm very excited and nervous and was hoping for some help in the "work environment setup". Basically, I'll be the "super user" who will be the only one accessing/changing scripts, css, etc. Other users will have personal folders where they will then add web pages. My folders would then look something like:

Css Folder
php scripts folder
sitewide homepage

TI would have control to edit, upload, and download any file on the system. However, I want all of the other users to just have editing/uploading/viewing access to their particular folders. In other words, if JoeShmoe is one of the users, he should just have a copy of the JoeShmoe Folder on his computer, and he should be able to mess with his own folder, but not download or change anything else on the server.

Is there a way to do this using Dreamweaver? Or would I have to somehow set file permissions on the server?

Any help in setting up the structure would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.