I am dynamically creating multiple instances of CodeMirror through PHP however, since the instances are created for a configuration file in Joomla!, some are hidden in tabs so only the CodeMirror instances created in the first tab show up properly, for the rest I have to focus on them and type something for the editor to show properly, I read this is normal when the editors are hidden in tabs and should be using the refresh function to get them to appear as expected but I have not been able to figure out how to do it, this is the PHP code which creates a JavaScript function which then is appended to the document head.

PHP Code:
$init ='
window.addEvent("domready", function() {
    var editor' 
$this->id ' = CodeMirror.fromTextArea(document.getElementById("' $this->id '"), {
        lineNumbers: true,
        tabSize: 4,
        indentUnit: 4,
        indentWithTabs: true,
        mode: "' 
$this->element['stype'] . '",
        theme: "tlak",
        fixedGutter: true,
        matchBrackets: true,
$this->id '.refresh();

Does anyone know how I should be using the CodeMirrorīs refresh() function?