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I can maybe understand low Perl posts, but it's pretty sad about Python. Quite an active topic in other places (stackOverflow, linkedIn).
Neither language are really common for web development though -- sure, people do it, but it's not as common as other languages anymore; it makes sense for them still to be on more general programming sites as both are used for non-web development all the time.

I mean seriously, you visit a website and get a .pl extension, don't you kind-of laugh and go "what is this, 1996?"

The only major place I can think of that still runs perl for serving websites would be Proboards, and that's just because they're using a fork of YaBB... Which makes sense for them since each forum ends up self contained to it's own directory with no SQL databases involved; to make a new free forum just make a new subdirectory, edit the config file, and point the subdomain at it... it runs. Need to move a user to a different server? Just copy the directory.