I am a jquery-newbie. I am trying to setup a "geo-game":

I want to ask the user in a "loop" for different countries like this:
1) "Click on Egypt"
if (e.key == '1') {
// message "Ok"
// add one point
else {
// message "NOT Ok"

2) "Click on Tunisia" ...
3) "Click on Gambia" ...

I was able to setup my imagemap with mapster:

$(document).ready(function() {

function geklickt (e){
//alert(typeof e.key); return string
$('.showme').append(e.key+ ' ');

mapKey: 'ALT',
stroke: true,
strokeWidth: 2,
strokeColor: 'ff0000' ,
onConfigured: function(){
// howto set up "loop" for asking user here???

} ,
onClick: geklickt


(see my complete demo-example here: http://members.chello.at/~trinko/afrikademo/)

I dont know howto setup my "query-loop" as described above.

Thanks for any hints