I have a small subsite hosted on a server configured to run classic asp that I am having a caching issue with. The subsite is not in the root of the directory but in a folder off of the root. For instance the main site has the url widgets.com and the sub site has the url widgets.com/mywidgets.

Originally every page on the subsite had the extension .htm. I needed to implement an asp include so I converted each page to asp. So now, in the "mywidgets" folder where there used to be a file name default.htm is a file named default.asp. The default.asp file changed from the htm file by having the include and having new links (to .asp pages as opposed to .htm pages). My problem is if a user has already been to the site and it is cached the new asp page is not appearing. The user is still receiving the htm version. I tested this in both Explorer and Firefox.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.