Hi guys,

I am customizing the e-commerce cms Opencart for my site and I have recently tried to do some pretty cool JQuery effects, one in particular Jticker makes it look as though the text is being written by a typewriter.

However, I am getting poor performance from this effect on Firefox. I want it to type pretty quickly so that the user isn't waiting too long to see the content but firefox is taking ages and I suspect its down to either the performance of my hosting or to javascript. I have set the effect to its maximum speed and Chrome and Opera, Safari, even IE render it out really quickly.

Could anyone give me tips on optimizing a site for best JS performance.?

The site does load up a few scripts but not excessive amounts and they are all minified. As you are all aware, firefox is usually one of the best browsers and does not usually have performance issues.

My hosting is CRAP too which doesn't help. Could I be looking for a js performance issue that really isn't there but is due to the download speed of my hosting?