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    Yep, my problem was solved THANK YOU ALL.....

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    Barnum.. if the explanations have gone over your head.. here is a simplified version:

    you have two flavour of links in your code. the bottom one differs from the top as highlighted:
    <a href="" target="_blank">
    TARGET_BLANK opens the link in a blank window as such it does have a BROWSING HISTORY so you cant use the back keys ( or even a LINK with :javascript:history.back(1)) to navigate where you APPEAR to have come from) .

    Think of it this way: hit "CONTROL-N", this should open a new window/tab in your browser and you would be looking at your default home page.. but note also you have no BACK button in that tab yet. This is similar to what you get by using target="_blank".

    I have grossly oversimplified this response, but hopefully it helps you with your endeavor.


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