Hi: can anyone help?

It is straightforward to edit and delete rows in a table one at a time using forms to specify the update details, click the submit button and wait for the action to be completed. But this "client / server" action is usually tedious.

In modern versions of phpmyadmin it is possible to initiate edits to multiple rows. For example when using the application's browsing facility to display a table, the data in each row is displayed preceded by a check box. Clicking the checkboxes on multiple rows and then clicking the submit button brings up edit forms for each of the checked rows. These can then be filled in , one after another: pressing a single submit buton comletes all the edits. Multiple row deletes can be done in a similar manner.

Its very ingenious. Can anyone provide coding instructions to accomplish actions like phpmyadmin's ?

It would seem that arrays of data have to be sent from a "client" form to a "server" application which does the work.

I've searched Sitepoint's forums but can't find details...