I thought it would be cool to get an idea of the visitor stats for some of you webmasters around here. Looking at my Google Analytics stats in-depth for the first time in a while, I was happy to see that very few visitors are using IE7 any more. I was a little dismayed to see that 35% of my visitors are using mobile devices, with the iPhone by far the biggest mobile device. I was dismayed most by the fact that the average pageviews per visitor for an iPhone user was the lowest, at 2.84 versus about 6 pageviews average across all visitors.

That low number of pageviews for iPhone users leads me to conclude that I am going to have to redesign with mobile devices in mind, or at least a media query to issue a separate style sheet for mobile visitors.

My sites are located in America and cater exclusively to an American audience. 90% or more of the visitors are from the United States. Numbers are rounded to the nearest half percent.

Browser visitor share
IE: 38%
Safari: 24% (Probably because of iPhone visitors.)
Android: 14%
Firefox: 11% (This figure is about half of what it was two or three years ago.)
Chrome: 8.5% (Not many Google fanboys using my sites. Strange since I keep reading about how Google Chrome is stealing market share.)
Mozilla Compatible: 3%
Opera: 1% (Too bad. This is my favorite web browser.)
And the others not mentioned.

IE visitor share
IE9: 57%
IE8: 35.5%
IE7: 6.5%
IE6: 0.89% (This buggy monster is almost dead!)
IE10 makes up the rest at 0.04%.

IE7 usage is dwindling fast. Only about 2.5% of all my visitors are using IE7. IE6 is not even worth thinking about any more. Only one-third of 1% of my visitors are using IE6 and that number is not going to grow. I think it's time to kiss IE6 goodbye. Last year when I redesigned my biggest site (not that big by some of your standards, only about 20,000 unique visitors a month), I didn't even bother testing it on IE6. I don't have IE6 on this computer, and I wasn't going to create a dual-boot system so I could install it for testing purposes either.

Anyone else care to share? It will help us get an idea of the way things are headed. I am wondering just how big mobile device marketshare is going to get. Is it going to keep growing, exceeding 50% of all traffic? Has it puttered out at about one-third of all traffic? Are we entering a world where one day 75% or more of all traffic will be mobile devices?