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    Name That Tune Contest Thread

    This thread is reserved for contest entries for our Name that Tune Contest, on NOW!

    Phase Two of our contest starts today. Enter NOW!

    Each post in this thread has a list of three song titles. Your job is to pick the correct title for each phase one entry.
    Send your picks to

    Winners are those who pick the most correct titles. In case of a tie, the winners will be chosen in the order they submitted their contest entry so enter now!

    Phase Two Prizes:

    ‣ First Place: SitePoint e-book of your choice.
    ‣ Second Place: SitePoint Coffee Mug.

    Winners will be announced on May 15.

    All SitePoint members, with the exception of staff members, are eligible to enter and win a prize.
    Phase Two entries are limited to one entry per contestant.

    This thread is closed for comments.
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