i have got myself in a bit of a twist and i cannot find an answer.
the components are 1) a form to collect information. 2) a table in mysql to hold the data 3) a page to display the data each time the page is accessed. 4) a small part of the collecting program that eMails me when the form is submitted. 5) a table with two cols -id and eMail.

1) 2) 3) 4) work fine togeather. now i want to query 5 and put the results in place of eMail to me.

i know the format for the email is because it works.

$mailSubject="New Notice";
$mailBody="New Notice";
mail($mailTo, $mailSubject, $mailBody);

the thing i want to do is query the email table, string all of them togeather in the form "1","2","3" and put them into the proggy in place of the "name@isp.com".
the part i seem to be missing is proper query and then moving this data into the $mailTo=

i need some advice on this one.

thanks ed