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    Photography Competition Phase Two Coming Up! Now it's really time to Name that Tune!

    Photography Competition: "Name That Tune"

    Get out your photo albums and/or cameras and your music collection. It's time to "Name That Tune!".

    This is a two-part competition:

    • Phase One of this contest runs April 2-20 27.

    • Phase Two begins on May 1 and goes through May 10.

    ∘ To enter Phase One you must submit a photo that represents a song title. (For the rational behind this contest, see post #41. I know it's late, but better late than never!).

    Along with your photo, write a paragraph or two (500 to 1000 characters), that describes how the photo relates to your song. You may not use the song title in your paragraph, although you must submit the title along with your photo. You'll see why in Phase Two of this contest.

    The contest thread, located in our Photography forum, is closed for comments, but our judges will enter your photo/text submissions as they are received.
    ∘ Send your entries to

    ‣ First Place -- A SitePoint Book of your choice.
    ‣ Second Place: A SitePoint E-Book of your choice.
    ‣ Third Place: A SitePoint Coffee Mug.
    Judging Criteria: Entries will be judged for -
    ‣ Photo/Song Title Compatibility
    ‣ Photo quality
    ‣ Writing quality

    Contest Rules:

    • All photo submissions must be made by April 20 27. Send your photos with song title and your descriptive paragraph to Winners will be announced on May 1, the beginning of Phase Two of this contest.
    • All photo and paragraph submissions must be the property of the contestant. If we find they aren't, your submission will be removed and appropriate action will be taken.
    • As they are received, photos and their paragraphs will be entered as new posts in the contest thread (closed for comments) with the name of the contributor. Enter early - enter often, but we limit prizes to one per contestant in Phase One.
    • One photo/paragraph/title per entry, please.
    • All SitePoint members, with the exception of contest judges are eligible to enter this competition.

    Rules and directions for Phase Two of this contest are in the Name That Tune Contest Thread! Enter NOW!

    Need help? Pm a judge: Shyflower ; ScallioXTX ; Parkin T ; samanime ; TheRaptor ;
    This is a two-part competition:
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