Hello All,

First off, if there's a recent thread on my topic you're welcome to point me there...

I am looking for a Social Network Software/Script solution for my growing website. Right now it's just a blog but we're expanding to have like I said a social network attached to it.

I'm in the infancy stages of finding a self-hosted solution so I'm open to recommendations.

I've looked over:

Dolphin 7

I'll need something that can handle 20,000 page views a day to start and it'll rise from there.

I realize alot of the traffic handling is on the server-side but I've heard some solutions don't handle alot of simultaneous users well.

I've heared vbulletin will be expanding in to more a full social solution but that's just hearsay. I LOVE their message board functionality.

Hit me back if you need more info.

Any help based on experience will be very much appreciated.