Hello there,

I'm building a shop using opencart, and I'm trying to move the code for jquery colorbox into a jquery tab, but as soon as I place it there it stops working. Outside of the tabs it works fine.

Here' the code opencart uses to display the colorbox on a page:

<div class="product-info">

        <div class="left">

            <div class="image"><a href="http://url/image/cache/data/img/product-492x654.jpg" title="product title" class="colorbox" rel="colorbox"><img src="http://url/image/cache/data/img/product-401x533.jpg" title="product title" alt="product alt tag" id="image" /></a></div>

I'm using standard jquery ui tabs code using a ul for the main tabs and divs for the content.

I assume this is the actual jquery scripts clashing, but I know nothing about these things, so if anyone can help me to get this working it'd be most appreciated.

Thank you,