I have been developing a CMS (Content Management System) for a while now, and I have a few questions.

All the pages, except the individual pages (like the specific article pages at Site Point) are generated into static pages (from a mysql database). Would there be a lot of server strain if you put in a "While Loop" into those individual pages, so that everytime someone visits any of those pages, it would run that while loop? I am talking about a site that gets quite a bit of traffic.

The way I have setup my php templates is by putting in a lot of "If" statements. IE: For the articles I have something like "If (isset($articleresult)):"
Now is that a good idea (overall) or would it be better to seperate all the areas into their own individual template files? I like the idea of only having 1 or 2 php templates for my whole site, instead of having 5 or 6.

Thanks in advance!

Chris Roane