How many corps do you know of who use pgSQL? Where is the support, etc? This is one of the reasons Solaris is still chosen.

Tsk tsk my foot, show me something vaguely like an MSDN subscription. It is worth that 3K every single month.

"PS: What does Microsofts CMS solution cost these days (no I'm not talking about that IBuySpy thing)... $30k, $50k?"

Commerce Server is another piece of software and is likely what you're talking about. Another piece of software that MS bought (They had developed BizServer and CS was better). Cost before purchase: 125K. Cost after purchase: 35K.

Again, the few shining gems in Open Source aren't enough to run an entire business on. For every Apache there's a dozen phpNuke's.

Are we arguing MS vs Open Source here, or are we arguing Commercial vs Open Source? Take your pick, but really it should be Commercial vs Open Source first. After that's settled we can do MS vs other Commercial.

Really this has nothing to do with the original post though, and neither did your quote, it was just another "free is better" routine, yet again, which, again, doesn't take TCO into account so is completely invalid.

Tsk tsk tsk right back atcha.