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    Originally posted by M. Johansson
    So he should just site there and shut up while someone makes a totally unfounded remark about the quality of PHP?
    I could only find one reply in this thread that this statement could be directed at, and that was just a very generalized statement which was clearly opinion, not to mention it was posted after Jeremy's entrance. IMO Jeremy made a pretty good *** of himself in this thread (and you jumped on the back of his wagon). This thread had nothing to do with .NET yet he had to step in here and piss on the people that are excited to see PHP doing bigger and better things. I normally enjoy the exchanges between Jeremy and Harry, as I've learned a lot from the information they try to share/school each other on. This thread may have been a pat-on-the-back thread, but it was nowhere near a rub-it-in or throw-it-in-their-faces kind of thing. It didn't have a single mention of .NET nor did I get any implications of "PHP wins vs. .NET! Yay!!!"
    Originally posted by M. Johansson
    Thank reason Jeremy is here to create some kind of eqilubrium, since the PHP community is really rabid about PHP. PHP is a wonderful language, but that doesn't mean that everything else sucks.
    So the hell what if the PHP community is really rabid about PHP? This thread wasn't rabid. Show me one response in this thread -- hell, show me one post in this entire forum -- where someone says everything else sucks and they weren't just talking out their ***. The two of you are essentially fabricating your arguments so that you can argue them and attempt to pull the carpet out from under the pro-PHP'ers.

    Crap like this isn't boring, it's very annoying.
    Originally posted by Zoef
    Who else of the 'biggies' uses Php?

    I've heard somewhere, Amazon, is this true?

    Let's make a list... That might help to change the minds of some providers who won't support it...

    This has been done to death. Check here, here and here for some idea. And it's notable in the one thread I just linked that Jeremy also comes out fists flying and then backs down from his 3am rant.

    My friends, if you're trying to enlighten people to the benefits and advantages of .NET then you're doing it like a little kid does when he throws a tantrum to get his mom to give him the cookie he wants. There are numerous budding developers on these forums (myself included) that have the potential to move into any one of the many arenas of web and corporate development, and you've done nothing to convert (not the best word there, but it fits) me to .NET. What could have had that effect was if you made some kind of attempt to instruct us on why and how .NET is a viable alternative to PHP for Google. (Remember the original topic of this thread?)

    I think that people tend to trumpet pro-PHP sentiment because it's something they believe in. You obviously believe in .NET, though you're mostly coming across as not believing in PHP. Get rid of the negativity and your positivity will come across with real weight, not to mention you'll stop pissing people off.
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