I think Pokemon is stupid.

I have been wanting to post about Pokemon for a long time here, but I haven't.

My little brother who is almost 13 years old is a big Pokemon fan. He collects cards, watches the movie over and over, watches every episode on tv, plays the gameboy nonstop, reads about them, etc. I think that it is a bad hobby, he is wasting his brain.

Today, he asked me to look over a homework assignment, and he did horrible on simple math problems. He had trouble subtracting 450 from 800, and things like that. He has just about forgotten the entire multiplication table, and he is in the 7th grade. I blame this on his Pokemon addiction

I think Pokemon is a stupid thing to waste your brain on. There are plenty of things that are better to do...like posting at SitePoint

Pokemon has also caused touble at schools...my brother's old school had to ban it totally. That's a step in the right direction.

Pokemon is just a waste of time...I don't see why anyone plays it.

Maybe its addictive, but I have played the GameBoy game a bit and I think its plain stupid.

10 years down the line, my brother would probably regret his Pokemon experience. I won't regret my webmastering.

Well thanks for letting me express myself. Anyone else who thinkgs Pokemon is stupid? I can't be the only fool...

Hope I didn't make anyone mad!

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