I've been stuck on this for weeks now and can't seem to find anyone who knows how to work around the problem I have.

This site works in IE5.5/Win, Mozilla 1.0, and IE5/Mac. However, I get a Javascript error in IE6/Win.

After some work, I've found the error occurs in the .js file con_size.js on the following line:

el.style.height = String(getClientHeight() + wdAdj + 'px');
It generates an "invalid argument" error, which I found odd since IE6 doesn't seem to have a problem with the nearly identical previous line:

el.style.width = String(getClientWidth() + htAdj + 'px');
Removing the line that generates the error gets rid of the Javascript error. Curiously, removing anything related to ypSimpleScrollC.js also gets rid of the Javascript error.

Does anyone know what's going on, and have a work-around for this? I've also created an alternate version of the page with all Javascript inline, to assist in debugging.