if you visit http://mrcpsychmentor.com/ and click on either "About Us" or "Contact Us" you'll see 2 problems with the sticky footer.

  1. the sticky footer overlaps the page content
  2. when you scroll vertically the sticky footer leaves a white gap at the bottom

you might have to shrink the vertical height of the window to see these effects but if you do you'll see the problems

regarding a solution, if i put padding on the bottom of some of the content boxes (#question, #leftcol, etc) i can make changes but the weird white gap still remains (& overall the footer behaviour doesn't seem right)

is this a min-height issue with safari? i'm a bit stumped really, cos i've got the footer to work with every other browser (including IE7, using the * CSS hack)

anyway, if anyones got any ideas feel free to shout them out. even if they're only "you have a problem with X & Y" as opposed to a solution (i even kinda prefer that sometimes)