I'm attempting to dynamically use a value in an array within an object.

In my particular case I have an array like this.

PHP Code:
$this->customer = array(
dealerId] => 4
[billFirstName] => Joe
[billLastName] => Blo
[billAddress1] => 1010s     
[billAddress2] => 1020s
[billCity] => Anytown
[billState] => ST
[billCountry] => USA
[billPostalCode] => 11111
[dEmail] => emailaddress
[billPhone] => 8008008888
[password] => password
[distPrice] => 5
[distCost] => 20);

$result $this->keyCheck('dealerId''customer'); 
The method I'm using:

protected function keyCheck($key, $array, $type = false)
      if(array_key_exists($key, $this->$array) && $this->$array[$key]):
        return $this->$array[$key];
        return $type;
The first check works. But the second check fails even though there is a value held in that index of the array. I've proven that the array exists inside the keyCheck() method by using, print_r($this->$array); inside the method. And I know the value I'm looking for is available inside the method by using, print $this->$array['dealerId'];

Don't get hung up on the names, or the methodology I'm using, what I'm really interested in is finding out how to address a value held in an array that is dynamically addressed in this way.

It's probably so easy that I'll be slapping my head once it's revealed...