Rian Rietveld and Jaap van de Putte have done a brief study/test on the admin side of a typical WordPress installation, the results of which are pretty interesting!

Leo Dijk, a blind legal advisor at the Dutch Ministry of Education offered to be a test subject for the WordPress tests. He uses the SuperNova screen reader (when Rian says there are two major screen readers, (Dolphin) SuperNova and JAWS, she means in the Netherlands. I guess Window-Eyes isn't big here).

The mistakes are basic (using separate divs instead of a nested ul for a menu), while some are things that are becoming trendy (the label for an input being hidden by default, lightboxes). Very interesting.

In the Web Accessibility group on LinkedIn a user commented that he tends to do okay with WP but mostly because he does everything manually, by typing code instead of choosing things. Hm...