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    Accessing Session Variables within a class


    I am trying to utilise a jQuery file upload script( ) to upload multiple images to the server. The php upload script needs to put the images into different folders based on user id and building id. The upload script is integrated into a larger form that records various details about the images and ultimately stores this information with the db. Standalone the script works fine but when integrated within the larger form the I am unable to access the session variable from within the upload class. The following is the offending code. I can confirm that the session variables selected_building and user_id are set but are null within the class. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have spent about four days trying to resolve this issue.



    class UploadHandler
    private $options;
    function __construct($options=null) {
    $selected_building = ($_SESSION['selected_building']);
    $user_id = ($_SESSION['user_id']);
    $prop_id = explode('_', $selected_building );
    $sel_prop = $prop_id[0];

    $this->options = array(
    'script_url' => $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'],
    'upload_dir' => dirname(__FILE__).'/client_files/'. $user_id . '_' . $sel_prop .'/images./',
    'upload_url' => dirname($_SERVER['PHP_SELF']).'/client_files/'. $user_id . '_' . $sel_prop.'/images/' ,
    'param_name' => 'files',
    // The php.ini settings upload_max_filesize and post_max_size
    // take precedence over the following max_file_size setting:
    'max_file_size' => null,
    'min_file_size' => 1,
    'accept_file_types' => '/.+$/i',
    'max_number_of_files' => null,
    'discard_aborted_uploads' => true,
    'image_versions' => array(
    // Uncomment the following version to restrict the size of
    // uploaded images. You can also add additional versions with
    // their own upload directories:
    'large' => array(
    'upload_dir' => dirname(__FILE__).'/files/',
    'upload_url' => dirname($_SERVER['PHP_SELF']).'/files/',
    'max_width' => 1920,
    'max_height' => 1200
    'thumbnail' => array(
    'upload_dir' => dirname(__FILE__).'/client_files/'. $user_id . '_' . $sel_prop .'/images/thumbnails/',
    'upload_url' => dirname($_SERVER['PHP_SELF']).'/client_files/'. $user_id . '_' . $sel_prop .'/images/thumbnails/',
    'max_width' => 80,
    'max_height' => 80
    if ($options) {
    $this->options = array_replace_recursive($this->options, $options);

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    Normally, Sessions can be read inside classes, if you add var_dump($_SESSION['user_id']); in the class and returns Null, it is posible to have some code /other script that destroys the session before using that class.
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    Hi MarPlo

    Thanks for your reply. Your were correct, I had to go back to basics and strip out the master page and specifically set the session variables and hey presto the script finally works as intended.

    Thanks for your help


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