Hey guys,

I am looking for some help. I am trying to populate Radio buttons with JavaScript. What I have is two Radio buttons that when the page loads will display a random city next to them. So instead of saying "Desitination1" next the a radio button, it needs to say one of the cities below, and must pull different cities each time the page loads. Any help would be appreciated!

My cities:
var myVacations = ["Athens", "Madrid", "Tokyo", "Honolulu", "Sydney", "London", "Oslo", "Moscow", "Kingston", "Acapulco", "Brasilia", "Lima", "Chicago", "Toronto", "Cairo", "Egypt", "Capetown"];
my Radio buttons:

<form name="surveyForm">
            <legend>I would rather vacation in:</legend>
				<input type="radio" name="pollRadio" id="optRadio1" value="" />
				<span id="optSpan1" ></span>
				<input type="radio" name="pollRadio" id="optRadio2" value="" />
				<span id="optSpan1"></span>