I request a quick review of a start-up company's website.
We have released the second revision of our website - http://www.mytimescore.com , a site meant to track volunteer activities of students, everyone, organizations, and use them for better opportunities in life. The site uses patent pending technologies and is a secure site using https.
We have users in 10 countries and get many suggestions from end-users on various small items and the amount of information in our pages. To do the next revision, we are assembling feedback from everyone.

Would you take a a look at this site and give comments on
(1) how easy is to understand the contents and purpose of the site
(2) how to improve user-friendliness and reduce any clutter
(3) any other comments to make it a better and free service site for the masses.

The main public URLS of the site are

1) http://www.mytimescore.com
2) https://secure.mytimescore.com/Main/StudentIndex
3) https://secure.mytimescore.com/Main/Personal
4) https://secure.mytimescore.com/User/UserRegistration

You have to create an account to see the member-only pages.

Thanks for all your help.