I am encountering problems with Internet Explorer 8 and was wondering if anyone might be able to help. More specifically, I have utilized some java code (that I picked up from one of the site point books) that is supposed to: allow or remove a message - (telling users who currently have their JavaScript disabled, that it needs to be turned on in order to utilize important website functions). The purpose of this being to have the message show up when a user has their browser's JavaScript disabled, but at the same time removing the message so it does not show up when a user's JavaScript is enabled.

This being accomplished through the use of the code shown below.


This aforementioned snippet of java code does work in Mozilla - but does not work in Internet explorer8 even though the JavaScript in that browser is in fact enabled (and certain other java functions do work). Was wondering if someone could provide guidance as to the best way of coding this function. I would really appreciate as detailed feedback (regarding the specific needed code) as you might feel so inclined to offer. Thanks.