I am in the process of making an update to an existing site for an inventory list page. The list page displays all products for a category. When the user clicks anywhere on the table row (<TR>), there is an onclick event which takes the user to the inventory details page for that item. What I am trying to do is add a video link on the list page. When the user clicks on the “Play Video” link, I have a new browser window open and a video plays in the new window. This works great except for one issue… clicking the “Play Video” link also causes the user to go to the inventory details page. How could I have the onclick event for the table row take the user to the inventory details page unless the user clicks on the Play Video link?

Thanks. Any feedback is appreciated.


<table border ="1" width="100%">
  <tr onClick="alert('On Click');">
	   <a href="javascript: alert('Play Video');">Play Video</a>