the 3 screenshots below show how the page contents overlap the (sticky) footer in Firefox (v10), IE7 (compatibility mode) & Safari for Windows (v5.1.4)

menu page (1024x768 safari).jpgmenu page (1024x768 Firefox).jpgmenu page (1024x768 IE7 compat mode).jpg

you can also see the behaviour for yourself if you visit the site, scroll down & click the 'Demo' button (it'll take you to the page). but you'll have to set your monitor to 1024x768 i think

regarding a solution, i'm thinking of either putting some giant padding on the div's (id=question or something) or setting a minimum height for the div/divs. & then targeting IE7 only with the * hack, & maybe another approach for targetting safari. is this sensible?

i don't know why the problem is arising, so i thought i'd ask in case anyone knew. a problem understood being a problem avoided in future & all that