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    Need a content review?

    Need a review?
    Whether you need a review of your:
    • content
    • photo (or photo gallery)
    • marketing strategy (e.g. SEO, ad campaign)

    This is the place for that!


    1. You can only submit one item for review in a single post and only one type of item. Multiple requests must be submitted separately and each requires three reviews from you.
    2. All review requests are moderated. That means your request won't show in the forum until it is accepted, so please don't post multiple requests. To have your request accepted you must have completed a minimum of three acceptable reviews for other members within the last thirty days.
    3. Your review must be at least 150 words long.Whether or not your review is "acceptable" is at the discretion of the moderation team. For instance, short reviews such as, "I like the colors", will not qualify as "acceptable". Make sure you give the kind of review that you would like to see for your work.
    4. Reviews you give in order to have your request accepted must be placed in active review threads. Active review threads are those where the last post is less than thirty days old.
    5. Your review thread will stay active for 30 days after the last post in the thread. After that, if you have more questions about your item, you will need to post a new request. Caution: Do not bump your thread to keep it active. Remember that any thread can be closed at the discretion of the moderation team.
    6. Do NOT apply tags to your thread. Applied tags will be removed.
    7. When you post your site for review, the moderators will preview your site to ensure the guidelines are followed as outlined. If there is a discrepancy, you will be notified via email, and your request will be removed from the queue.

    Reviews given in this forum are the opinions and property of the individual review giver. They in no way reflect the position or opinion of SitePoint Pty. Ltd.

    Reviews are free to our members. If you don't like the review you are given, SitePoint cannot provide any support for you or your site.
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