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    Lightbulb Tackling Industry Skill Expectations

    There are still job descriptions out there asking for the big 3, design skills, front-end skills and programming skills.

    I'm yet to find anyone that has a good standard at all 3, sure 2 is common but all 3 you have to be either a ninja or have a twin and you're just fooling people. It's hard enough to stay up to date in one field let alone three. When you see job advertisements asking for all 3 with a 40k/year salary package it's hard not to laugh and cry a little at the same time. This is a huge problem in our industry, people want it all and for cheap.

    What can we all do to help curb this ridiculous set of expectations? it affects us all and I think each of us can do something.

    In the past I've made comments to bosses about their own expectations, some have been understanding, others not so much. Perhaps we can put together a standard explanation/business case?

    Ideas? Thoughts?
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    Yes, the job ads these days are ridiculous. But the positions seem to get filled.
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