My domain name is currently pointing to a server which is really slow. I want to point it to my new virtual dedicated server, and I've followed directions but its not working and would love some help and a chance to learn.

Can you look at my settings?

First I started with my new virtual dedicated server that I want to point my domain to and highlighted in red here are the two "A" records I added, and also above it are two "NS" records I added above it. Does this look correct? This was done yesterday.

Now back at my domain settings I need to (1) change the name servers to point to and but when I do this I get this message saying that the Nameserver isnt registered. But I did this 24 hours ago in the image above. (2) is this "A" record correct? this IP Address is my old server should I change it to my new virtual dedicated server IP address?, (3) I've added two host summary records for "NS1" and "NS2" and here is what they look like.

Over the past few years I could never figure this out, and I feel like I am really close. Can anyone help me or point me in the right direction?